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Take part in the change
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What Is Prostitution

Prostitution can be found everywhere at any given moment: on the streets, discreet apartments, escort services, brothels, call girls, cybersex, chat rooms etc. Girls and women also receive clothing, cigarettes, free rent, food, shelter and other “gifts” in exchange for sexual favors. In order to justify their actions, consumers of prostitution often use stigmas and myths to normalize the phenomena. Consequently girls and women are held accountable for their own abuse. Our society still romanticizes prostitution and normalizes the sex industry.

However, our students at Her Academy paint a bleak and harsh reality, unlike the stereotype portrayed in the media and on screen. We strive to let their narrative be heard in order to change society’s perception. Behind those stereotypes and stigmas stand strong and powerful women, fighting to survive.

  1. Our students describe a reality of an unstable childhood, frequently subjected to violence and abuse. The lack of attention by family, schools and institutions brought upon systematic and continual neglect. Stigmatized and forsaken there weren’t many choices left for them. Prostitution is sometimes the only way to survive.

  2. Without a safety net from their family and community, they are left unprotected and vulnerable to exploitation by the pimps and predators. Unlike the popular opinion most women don’t work independently, they are managed by pimps, “sugar daddies” and club owners who know how to exploit their background and trap them within this vicious cycle.

  3. Once in prostitution, drug and alcohol use is necessary to dull the pain of 20 to 30 clients a day. Alongside physical violence, post trauma, anxiety attacks, lack of financial independence, fear of being recognized, dental problems from drug and alcohol abuse, general health problems due to long term neglect, being outcast by friends, family and their community, stigmas and stereotypes. As time goes by it becomes impossible to break the cycle.

  4. With nothing to show on their CV’s, sometimes since childhood, baring the physical and emotional scars, as well as shattered self-esteem makes it almost impossible to start a new life and to re-enter the workforce. Her academy’s unique vocational program is the only platform in Israel that allows them to choose an occupation and supports them with education and guidance throughout their journey. 
Johns/clients per day
Women, transgenders & youth in prostitution

A 1/3 of them underaged

of the women in prostitution are mothers
0 %

Most are single parents

want to exit prostitution
% 0

can’t do so due to lack of
means and support

invested annually in covering
damages of prostituion
$ 0 Million

$50 million invested annually in foster care and adoption of their children

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