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To return or not to return?

She’s an A student who’s been outside the life of prostitution for three months and it’s hard. It’s hard to leave one's familiar surroundings and start a new life and new habits when you’re in your late 40’s. Tomorrow she’ll have her final class before receiving her diploma. Today she wrote to us

To return or not is a very difficult question. Life is not easy one way or the other. After 30 years in prostitution, 15 of which i was a dsrug addict I’m tryin to find a new and different life. Three months outside of prostitution! Life has a different meaning now. On one hand I’m feeling well, building myself, understanding that living a normal life isn’t easy. On the other hand, Is it worth it or not? It’s a difficult question! Everything is so fresh!  This whole thing about life. I’m going to therapy every week and I’m trying to get over the past. It is very hard! I’m trying to build a new present for myself but there is a constant war from every side. One needs time, will, faith, psychological treatment and good people who will show me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

When I worked in prostitution my wallet was full but my life was empty. Now I’m working at a regular job and my wallet is empty. There isn’t always an option to enjoy life and I’m starting to think whether this shift is worth it or not? It’s a dilemma. For now I’m going to continue fighting and hope that someone in this country will understand that we have a long road ahead to recovery. The rehabilitation stipend will help me get through this rehabilitation period. It isn’t easy but life is worth it! I wish all of us to pass this difficult stage and reemerse into society. I want society to reach out to us so together we can exit this life. 

Her Academy gives me a lot of knowledge, security and I’m taking classes which help me fit in. I’m receiving a lot of warmth and respect. I understand that I’m good, gifted and capable of doing everything. I’m proud that you are by my side through-out this journey. Amen and amen pray for me that I’ll step over these obstacles and will live a good life and that I won’t lack anything that will make me go back to my old life. Thank you and I love you.

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