Take part in the change
and donate now!

Take part in the change
and donate now!

Social School

We provide a unique vocational environment aimed at acquiring a profession and re-entering the workforce. Whilst understanding the condition our students are in when trying to exit prostitution and the consequent cycle of violence behind them. We collaborate with businesses willing to take a practical part in social activism and provide education to our students.

Our curriculum provides specific courses, which create a profaned learning experience allowing our students to focus on their studies. We tailor our classes to their specific needs which derive from dealing long term emotional damage and trauma. Our students experience memory loss, concentration difficulties, learning disabilities and low self-esteem.

The success of our school is made possible through the special bond and solidarity created in the classroom. The hospitality and generosity of our partners allows our students to acquire an education. The business who take part in our educational program receive a rare chance to get to know a different reality, to break stigmas and to create social solidarity which can change worlds. They allow our students to learn a vocation and regain their self-esteem.

Our Courses:

Hebrew (read & write)

10 courses

Advanced Hebrew

11 courses

ABC English

12 courses

Advanced English

25 courses

Office management and secretarial work

9 courses

Sales in the fashion industry

6 courses

Digital marketing

one course

Web development

one course

Urban agriculture

one course

Creative writing and dramatization

9 courses

Bicycle mechanics

3 courses

Public speaking

7 courses

Pilates Instruction

6 courses

Cooking classes

9 courses

Preschool assistants and caregivers

6 courses

Home styling

one course


2 courses


one course

Studio photography

2 courses

CV & job interview preparation

4 courses

Come be part of Her Academy’s community

Her academy is a vocational school providing a safe educational environment for women exiting the cycle of prostitution and abuse. 75% of our graduates continue to work in the businesses who employed them after graduation. We invite you to become an active part in supporting these amazing women. Your donation will allow us to continue operating our school and by doing so, give any woman who wants to exit prostitution a new life. 

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