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Policy Promotion

According to Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and local field organizations, more than 14,000 men, women (cis-gender and transgender) and minors in Israel are engaged in prostitution.

Most lack adequate social rights, if they can access any at all, and some lack formal legal status in Israel all together (refugees, Palestinians, etc.)
More than 65% of women in prostitution are mothers.

Women in prostitution suffer from severe stigmatization. The reality we encounter every day, is that of women who seek to improve their lives and well-being but are unable to escape a life of poverty and social marginalization due to discrimination in the employment market, barriers to accessing rights, racism and transphobia, the high cost of living and the inability to secure affordable and safe housing.

Her Academy works holistically to rehabilitate women exiting prostitution and violence through vocational training, job placement services and more, as well to reframe the narrative around the challenges our students encounter in Israel and to change the way in which women in prostitution and the sex trade are perceived and treated in Israeli society. We work to address the root issues at hand and aim to create a more equitable society which supports women who have suffered from extreme violence, abuse and other forms of neglect.

Her Academy is also part of a coalition of women’s organizations that work closely with policymakers and government officials to empower marginalized women and advance their place in Israeli society. We believe that joint and coordinated efforts lead to better results in the field, as well as increased social solidarity. We work to raise awareness on the unique needs and challenges of individuals in prostitution and violent situations, and to promote systemic change by addressing the root issues at hand.

Her Academy takes part in governmental committee sessions such as the Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, the Sub-Committee for the Eradication of Human Trafficking, as well as committees in Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and National Insurance Institute.

Together, we work to:

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