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I want to ask you for a moment of your time

Sometimes it is a long journey. We take each step with our students. Sometimes the pain is enormous. Sometimes you need a little bit more to be able to believe that there might be some good in this world. We visited her this week and she asks for her words to be read and to update you our dear community and supporters

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A graduate of our production class and who began her studies at a well known photography school. She’s extremely gifted and in her past she was told that she would amount to nothing. She quit drinking a bottle of vodka a day and left the life of prostitution on her own. We are so proud of her! Our amazing gifted woman, good luck! You are the epitome of strength and will power!

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To return or not to return?

She’s an A student who’s been outside the life of prostitution for three months and it’s hard. It’s hard to leave one’s familiar surroundings and start a new life and new habits when you’re in your late 40’s. Tomorrow she’ll have her final class before receiving her diploma. Today she wrote to us

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I didn’t believe it is possible

She was referred to us from a rehabilitation center. She didn’t believe that she would make it past the first class. Today she is working and supporting herself. She dreams about continuing her studies, doesn’t give up and is fulfilling herself.

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You cannot live inside a dead body

She is a single mother who didn’t have the money to pay for kindergarten, after school activities and everything needed to give her son the education he needed. She found herself sinking into debt and desperately seeking how to cover her living expenses. She didn’t ask for much – rent, electricity, municipality tax, kindergarten and after school care and food. “How can one survive on a basic salary?” she asks.

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Production Course: final projects

Her Academy's graduates

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