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Her Academy's Volunteers

Her Academy’s activity is based solely on donations and volunteers, supported by business owners and professionals in their respective field who donate their time and expertise. Without these fruitful collaborations our school would cease to operate, and we couldn’t continue with our mission to break the cycle of prostitution for all those who wish to exit the life.

when women support each other incredible things happen
לואיז גרין

Louiz Green

Her Academy for me is a home!
 It’s hope for a better world.
It is a true solidarity between women. It is a giant heart 

Meged Guzani

Meged Guzani

Her Academy for me is the proof that solidarity between women can change worlds. A place that allows me to take a small part in a large revolution

קרן זק

Karen Zack

Her Academy is a world changer. A place that shows how everything is possible with solidarity and will.
I wish the world would run this way

From the very first days of “Her Academy” and throughout our way, we have worked to transform this moto into our reality. We have managed to surround ourselves with an elite team of volunteers who donate their time, expertise, and talent to help us in all fields – recruitment, coding, graphic design, digital media and teaching.

רוני רענן

Roni Raanan

Volunteering at Her Academy allows me to be in deep solidarity and to promote women through the professional tools I’ve acquired

Adi Ben Simon

Adi Ben Simon

Her Academy creates a safe, supportive and nurturing space for all of us, students and volunteers alike. The place enables solidarity and hope that unites us all.

Tal Yurman

Tal cooks vegan meals on Mondays. She says that Her Academy is a place full of power, love and inspiration and she couldn’t help but want to be a part of it.