Take part in the change
and donate now!

Take part in the change
and donate now!

Occupational Placement

Part of our activity at Her Academy is facilitating occupational placement for our graduates. One of our main goals is to create a database of businesses who will take part in employing our alumni. By employing a graduate the business is partaking in an important social change and gains a motivated and skilled worker.

We accompany our graduates and their employers at the beginning of their joint journey with a unique program tailored to the needs of both the business and the graduate.

One of the challenges facing women exiting the cycle of prostitution and abuse is the lack of work experience and a CV which will allow them an easier entrance into the workforce. The majority of placement companies rely on sending a CV.

Our placement model deals with the critical lack of previous work experience and allows our potential employers to recognize the advantages and capabilities of the alumni.

Since the establishment of Her Academy in 2016:

Women successfully graduated our courses 90%
Women rejoined the workforce 80%

“Her Academy helped me redirect my life back to the right path. Her Academy should be named Turning Point because it changes every woman’s destiny to the right direction. Showing women that behind the pain and the suffering stands an organization who cares about them and really wants to help and see us succeed. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It is something.”

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During these challenging times, we must pause and provide our students with the most basic support, both emotional and material. More than any other time, the weakest link is the first to suffer, and this vulnerability affects us all. We need your help to provide our students with much-needed food, medicine, rent and related bills and expenses, baby formula, diapers and more.

Together, we can show our students that they are not alone! Show these incredible women who struggle daily and do not give up – that we will not give up on them! We welcome any support you can provide.