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Take part in the change
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A graduate of our production class and who began her studies at a well known photography school. She’s extremely gifted and in her past she was told that she would amount to nothing. She quit drinking a bottle of vodka a day and left the life of prostitution on her own. We are so proud of her! Our amazing gifted woman, good luck! You are the epitome of strength and will power!

Coming and leaving reminding me reminding me

That I’m loved


That I can

That I’m strong

That I don’t break

The light and darkness in my life

Accompany me from the beginning of the road

The light in my life

My family

When the darkness takes over me 

They are the light and reason to continue to live, to raise my head up as high as I can

My partner is a lighthouse who shows me the way and shines on my abilities

The light in life is my therapists who help me

To move the darkness and shatter it to pieces

The light in my life is my teachers who believe in me more than I can

The light in my life is that I no longer allow the darkness to take hold

The light in my life has left its presents in my hands and is waiting for me to take them

I’m ready to let the light into my life to take over me

To express it

To bring it into the world

To heal and cleanse  all of the darkness in me

It brings me new thoughts that I deserve to be happy

To bring the new into my life

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