Take part in the change
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Take part in the change
and donate now!

I’ve been out of prostitsution for a month!

A student who fought addiction and loneliness. A month after being hired she was promoted and today she’s a team manager.

For international women’s day I want to share with you my success story! I’ve been out of prostitution for a month!

I’m a survivor of 30 years in prostitution, 15 of which I was a junkee. I don’t have an education or a family. I was labelled a nobody. Uneducated, defected. I felt and thought I was worthless without confidence or education. It isn’t easy!

An amazing woman called Iris Shtern -Levy appeared and invited me to a meeting where she told me that alongside her amazing partner – Tal Hamaoui Granot they opened Her Academy. A place where I can come and take classes, where I can study. I didn’t really believe her but I asked which classes were available. 

I agreed to try, I came to my first class afraid and insecure and discovered a warm, loving and understanding place. A place where I’m not judged. A place where I’m helped one step at a time. I discovered I wasn’t stupid. I met amazing women who helped each other. I started to enjoy school and waited in anticipation for the next class. I arrived at a place I never had. 

I wanted to say that if all of the schools were like this, all of the students would graduate. There is something about Her Academy which is beyond education and it’s very important. I’ve graduated three classes already and I’m starting a photography and editing class. Her Academy is my home. 

I’m writing to you because I believe that if Her academy had a permanent residence where women could also sit, rest and talk to each other it would be way better. Her Academy has a skilled and reliable staff, warm hearted women who make you want to come back and study more. I hope we manage to convince people in this country to help Her Academy so other dear women can become aware that change is possible, that we are smart. I was never given a chance like they gave me. Today I proudly walked to search for a job because iI succeeded at school! Thank you so much! I love you for all of your help and helping me understand that I also can.

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