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Take part in the change
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I didn’t believe it is possible

She was referred to us from a rehabilitation center. She didn’t believe that she would make it past the first class. Today she is working and supporting herself. She dreams about continuing her studies, doesn’t give up and is fulfilling herself.

No, until I got to Her-Academy I didn’t believe that it is possible to exit prostitution. One morning, after years of therapy and different attempts I met Iris and Tal who came and told me about a fashion and styling course they have. I didn’t believe it was even possible to begin studying without prior requirements and I decided to give myself a chance. Every week they received me with a hug and a big smile, a cup of coffee and endless love. I felt that I’m arriving at a place where I’m accepted for who I am, without being judged, no masks, I can be exactly as I am. 

The classes were interesting and every week I would wait for the next lesson to arrive. The road wasn’t always easy, even though it was really difficult for me and I wanted to give up, Iris and Tal fought for me like two mothers and didn’t let me quit. I received from them all of the tools I could receive, I learned a lot and graduated the course successfully. I received my diploma and with their guidance and mentoring I began working in the profession I studied. I remember my first shift, what an amazing feeling I had and for the first time I’m selling shoes and not my body. My smile towards the clients was real. I felt what it means to work without harming my soul. I was in an environment of super sensitive and understanding employers which allowed me to continue working even when things got tough. The course was a stepping stone into the real world, I understood that there is another option. I’m proud to be part of this place, proud of myself and of them, and I know that there is nothing more blessed than this.

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