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Take part in the change
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I always wanted to learn a profession

A young student battling a chronic illness, insisting on studying and starting her new life. Today she’s on her journey to rehabilitation after years on the streets with no support or aid.

I always wanted to learn a profession but I don’t have the possibility. I talked to my therapist and we set up a meeting with the head of Her Academy, she came to the hostel and I was so excited!

I started the course but couldn’t continue because I would work double shifts at the club. I insisted and tried to leave the world of stipping and I contacted Her Academy. We talked and I explained that I want to study, they were very excited. When I began I was very shy and I asked not to speak in class because I didn’t have any confidence. I was afraid to talk and share. After two classes I understood that this place is like a family and I started participating and sharing. 

I’m a sick child but no matter how much my body ached I went to classes. No pain will stop me from making my dream come true. I didn’t know how to do anything before I got to Her Academy! I didn’t know how to make a doctor’s appointment. I didn’t know anything. This class taught me to speak up, how not to be afraid. I began scheduling my own doctor’s appointments, to talk to National Security. They did everything so I would advance. I am who I am today because of them. I’ve made many of my dreams come true. There aren’t enough thank yous in this world!

I went through a rough period and I couldn’t pay my rent. I was afraid i would go back to prostitution. They helped me and did everything, even more than my own mother did, so I won’t relapse. Her Academy is my strength and my dream is to be like iris. Today I’m making all of my dreams come true. I graduated and got my secretarial diploma. Today I’m also studying English. I didn’t believe I would be in this palace in my life. 

Thank you for always looking out for me, for making sure I had food, my medications and a way to get to class. You are an angel. I wish I had met you a long time ago. If I had known you before, I probably wouldn’t have entered the life of prostitution. I thank the lord for meeting you and my dream is to be grown up like you and help girls exit this life and I’ll be like you dear Iris, dear mother.

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