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Take part in the change
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About Her Academy

Her Academy is a vocational school, training and supporting women from diverse backgrounds transitioning out of prostitution and abuse. Our training programs offer women the prospect of economic security through education and professional development. We offer a diverse selection of courses. Including professional kitchen work, through secretarial skills, digital marketing and sales in the fashion industry.

We established Her Academy in 2016, after two years of a pilot program, to enable women survivors of prostitution and abuse access to professional education. We identified a basic need to acquire a profession that offers a stable and steady income with a wider scope of opportunities. Our program puts an emphasis on instilling a strong sense of self-worth that is essential to thriving in the workforce well after our students complete their studies.

Since 2010, the state of Israel opened rehabilitation centers for women coming out of prostitution. Focusing on recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, PTSD and CPTSD therapy, as well as offering a safe shelter. Her Academy takes their rehabilitation to the next stage by actively helping in acquiring tools, knowledge and various new skills. Working with leading professionals in their respective fields of expertise, we offer a unique framework in which our teachers directly contribute to empowering women who have endured neglect and exclusion most of their lives, through educational and leadership development. Our commitment to the health and well-being of our students continues with our investment in their progress as they transition from rehabilitation to financial independence.

We believe that every woman has the right to economic stability, to stand on her own two feet and to work in a safe and supporting environment.

According to surveys women enter the life of prostitution from ages 12 to 14 and manage to exit the cycle only after the age of 30. Women working in prostitution are subjected to social stigmas which makes it impossible for them to believe they can work in any other line of work besides selling their body. Those stigmas affect not only their self-esteem, but also affect the judgment of possible future employers while applying for jobs.

Most students do not have a high school education or previous work experience. Without proper employment rehabilitation, they do not have an option to support themselves. Financial independence is one of the key factors in exiting the cycle of prostitution for good. We help our students in their transition so they can achieve their full potential.

Board of Directors

Chairwoman: Tamar Feldman

Board Members
Michal Chitayat
Chen David
Daisy Yael
Jowana jbara
Adv. Merav Israeli Amarant
Orna Zaken Heller

Audit Comittee
Merav Honish
Amira Paz

 Her Academy NGO 
Non Profit

About the founders

Iris Stern Levi and Tal Hamoui, co-founders and co CEO’s of the NGO, first met in the early 2000’s through the Tel Aviv rape crisis center’s activities. A few years later, their paths crossed again and they decided to establish Her Academy.

Iris Stern Levi

Grassroot feminist and activist since the 1990’s

Gender, Feminism and women’s empowerment lecturer, group facilitator in diverse feminist subjects such as sexual assault, gender identity and gender, self-awareness groups for homosexual men and groups for feminist empowerment. Board director of Coalition of women for Peace.

Iris worked for over 16 years in the Tel Aviv rape crisis center, coordinating over 200 volunteers, alongside other fields of activism. In 2010 she co-founded “turning the tables”, a fashion design vocational training program for women exiting the cycle of prostitution co-managed the truth tribunals for women who were sexually abused. Iris was active in Bat Shalom and Women Crossing Borders, a group of women from Tel Aviv and Jenin. She has also worked with refugees and asylum seekers in south Tel Aviv, where she established a voluntary basis art studio for over 5 years.

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טל חמווי גרנות

Tal Hamoui

Feminist activist and journalist

Worked as a researcher on the television show “London and Kirshenbaum”, “The source” and “on Friday” with Shelach and Druker on the educational television channel; wrote columns and editorial articles.
Tal graduated her MA in women’s and gender studies with honors from Tel Aviv University. She lectures to youths, kibbutzim, the Mendel leadership program and more about various subjects such as: gender and media, gender and language and about issues concerning prostitution. Tal has a vast experience in activism for marginalized groups and works to end violence against women. She volunteered for many years in the Tel Aviv rape crisis center and a shelter for battered women, as well as at “Turning the Tables”.

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Come be part of Her Academy’s community

Her academy is a vocational school providing a safe educational environment for women exiting the cycle of prostitution and abuse. 75% of our graduates continue to work in the businesses who employed them after graduation. We invite you to become an active part in supporting these amazing women. Your donation will allow us to continue operating our school and by doing so, give any woman who wants to exit prostitution a new life.